Meet the Pie Maker!

Welcome to Pie Prerogative!

Meet Amy - owner and chief pie maker of Pie Prerogative.  Amy spent 15+ years in the land of spreadsheets, cublcles, and budget analysis as a corporate accountant.  She finally realized, accounting wasn't her passion.  People and delicious pie were. She decided to turn her love of being creative in the kitchen into her full time job.  She calls herself a student of the Food Network and Martha Stewart.

Amy operates on the notion that the best conversations happen over the best pie. And she is determined to provide that for you.  Her pies are handmade from start to finish.  She juices her limes, she hand mixes her crusts, and her fillings are from scratch.  She guarantees you can taste the difference!

You can find us right here, or at local Oklahoma City farmers markets.  Order here or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see where you can pick up your next Pie Prerogative pie!